About Us

TMR Sales & Service Ltd. (TMR) is the one of the largest commercial/industrial electrical and HVAC contractors in Barbados. TMR’s services include designing, supplying and maintaining electrical services, air conditioning, ventilation, fire alarm systems, security systems including intrusion detection, access control and closed circuit television as well as data communications for commercial, industrial and residential customers. TMR also operates an electrical workshop for the repair of electrical equipment and a duct shop for the manufacture of duct and various ancillary metallic fixtures and fittings as required by our air-conditioning or electrical departments. 

TMR is a privately owned Barbadian company that employs an experienced team of engineering, finance, HR and MIS professionals along with a cadre of supervisors and project coordinators to ensure that all work is adequately planned and carried out. 

TMR’s Mission is "To provide premium building solutions and services with an emphasis on providing comfort and security to dwellings and commercial spaces; through highly engaged internal partners and high social conscience."

TMR’s Vision is “To become a premium top 10 player in Barbados, the wider Caribbean and Latin American markets, noted for our efficiency, reliability, and resilience in both the commercial and domestic building services sectors”.

Our Company Values are:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Customer Focused
  • Safety