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1950’s - Origins

The company can trace its beginning to the start of the electrification process of the sugar factories in Barbados. Mr. Edward J. E. Haynes was the founder and was responsible for the design, supply and installation of electrical systems in the Sugar Factories in Barbados in the 1950's. Mr. Stanley Carrington later bought the company, changed the name to Transformer and Motor Repairs Ltd. and continued to provide services to the sugar industry.

1978 - Transformation

In 1978, the company changed hands. Under the new management of Messrs. Dick Stoute and Dan Stoute, the scope of services was widened and the company name shortened to TMR Ltd. Several major contracts were undertaken including the electrical installation at the Portvale Sugar Factory and the supply and installation of several stand-by generators for various customers.

1986 – Expansion

After its merger with Harrison Electrical Co. Ltd.(a subsidiary of Goddard Enterprises Limited.) the company inherited the Lucas line of electrical and air condition products and became TMR Sales and Services Ltd. This company was later merged with A. Barnes (1971) Ltd., the local Carrier air-conditioning agent in 1990 and continued the tradition of excellent customer service that this company had developed since it first became the Carrier agent in Barbados in 1966. In 1994, a fire destroyed the company’s property in Tudor Street. This resulted in its relocation to our present location in Fontabelle and a renewed focus on HVAC and electrical services. At the end of September 1999, shares held by Goddard Enterprises Ltd. were purchased by Dick Stoute and Michael Stoute.

2007- New Growth

On September 30th, 2007 TMR again changed ownership and is now owned by Bay Investments Inc. and T.T.I. Ltd., two companies owned by members of its Management team, Jimmy Clarke and Peter Thompson. Approximately seventy (70) members of staff also own shares in the company. As at March 1st, 2014, TMR had approximately 140 employees. TMR has more than 80 technicians on staff dedicated to service work. 

TMR is currently located in the old Goddard’s supermarket building in Fontabelle, St. Michael. There is a lease arrangement in place and the facility occupied by TMR consists of offices, storage warehouses including a bonded warehouse, workshops, duct shop, training room and lunch rooms. 

TMR has engineering and design capabilities which enable it to offer a high level of service to its customers. These capabilities may be offered "in-house" or obtained from third parties, as appropriate. Engineering expertise and our CAD systems may be used to "value engineer" the project by providing cost saving alternatives to the specifications and designs provided by the customer, or to actually design and build the electrical and/or HVAC systems to be installed. CAD systems can be used to automate the production of blueprints and specifications, produce a schedule of required assemblies, and to assist in selecting the materials and equipment to be used. TMR is further developing its "value engineering" and design-and-build capabilities to help capture higher margins resulting from the cost savings passed on to the customer.