Power Quality Surveys (Download Brochure)




Production Downtime

Loss of Sales



Equipment Damage  

Material Losses


Older installations have a limited capability to cope with the current demands of HVAC and other electrical equipment. We have the experience to evaluate everything from a simple circuit to an entire facility.TMR provides electrical inspection and auditing of existing commercial and industrial installations for:


Retrofitting & Change of Use





Plant & Equipment Upgrades 





Risk Reduction of Property Damage





Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Planning





Power Quality Issues





Energy Efficiency & Solutions








Site Evaluation





Comprehensive Survey Report





Follow Up Remedial Work




Thermographic (InfraRed)



Identify Hot or cold spots in the building, electrical panels or switchgear. Electrical Engineers and/or technicians will perform the inspection and audit. Our report will include digital & thermal images, together with recommendations for remedial action.




Electrical System Quality



Understand a site’s electrical infrastructure and applications needs. TMR will assess electrical loads, wiring, power protection devices and safety markings. Scope of work will vary according to site.





Energy Audits

TMR Sales & Service - Energy Audit


Tangibly assess energy consumption and evaluate measures for reducing energy costs through energy efficient HVAC systems and lighting. Clients can determine the payback and cost/benefit impact from the final report.