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Commercial Preventative Maintenance and Refurbishment


Preventative Maintenance 
Indoor air quality and comfort is vital to every occupied space. Prevent disruptions to your business and minimize operational costs with a maintenance program, to ensure that your air conditioning investment is maximized.

Reconditioning your central air conditioning is a viable option when the financial budget does not allow for replacements. TMR’s proven track record in refurbishment ensures that your equipment has many more years of useful life at a fraction of the cost.

Also, available are specialty anti-corrosion and anti-microbial coatings for AC equipment. These VOC free coatings, provide protection in high exposure coastal and industrial environments, by preserving casings, metal surfaces and heat exchangers.







Service Maintenence Uninterruptible power supply


Electrical Switchgear
Electrical switchgear needs to be checked periodically to verify:- actual current loading against breaker sizes; slack connections, overheating and ingress of dust, moisture and vermin. Service involves current and voltage measurement, infrared thermography and a visual inspection.

Generator Maintenance 
Whether prime or emergency power, generator sets must be regularly maintained to provide quality power. TMR’s trained technicians will professionally service and maintain any Generator in accordance with our routine maintenance program and/or manufacturers specifications. Planned maintenance ensures maximum service time and proper operation when power is most needed. Our service visits are pre-scheduled at regular intervals and a service priority response is provided to agreement holders.

Transformer Servicing & Oil Testing
Our preventative maintenance program improves the reliability and performance of transformers through oil sampling, electrical tests and visual inspection .By servicing, simple repairs and adjustments can prevent downtime and costly repairs.

A test report and maintenance recommendations are provided once completed. Our technicians perform on-the-spot repairs in the field and are supported by our workshop repair capabilities to perform large scale reconditioning and servicing.

Lighting Maintenance
The light output from your lighting deteriorates over time due to aging of the bulbs and dirt build-up. Maintain your light levels by having your light fittings checked and cleaned. We will also check the condition of the lenses, ballasts & control gear and electrical connections.

Uninterruptible Power Supply 
TMR technicians are qualified to work on a range of UPS systems. We will service and repair any make of UPS and will source replacement modules and parts. Our service visits are pre-scheduled at regular intervals and a service priority response is provided to agreement holders.




Residential Maintenance

Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning Servicing


Air Conditioning 
By maintaining your home air conditioning equipment, you can ensure that your investment in comfort lasts many years. Keep ac repair and energy costs low with a flexible maintenance agreement. Homeowners can be confident with TMR on the job. We are a fully insured service company and our workmanship and parts are covered under warranty. To find out more about our maintenance, download our residential agreement and contact TMR to arrange a visit.





Standby Power


MR Standby Power


Standby Power 
Homeowners who require their UPS or backup generator periodically maintained can deliver them to our workshop to have repairs or service carried out by our in-house technicians.