Our Retail Store offers one of the widest ranges of air conditioning and electrical materials & products for the trades. As a result, we can provide quality products at competitive prices. We offer a range of products including:

Air Conditioning


Motors 415 Volt switchgear, panelboards & breakers
Compressors Motor Control Gear
Condensate Pumps Cable & glands/connectors
Refrigerants Cable Tray
Copper Refrigerant pipe Light fittings & lamp/bulbs
  Insulation Transformers - Buck-boost, step up/down, 1PH & 3PH
  FibreGlass Ductboard & Wrap Capacitors, Relays, Time switches & Timers
  Flex Cable & Conduit Meter Sockets
  Isolators/Safety Switches Wiring devices - Switches, outlets, etc…
  Commercial Disposable Filters Crimp connector & lugs
  Grilles & Diffusers    
  Electrical Components (contractors, relays, capacitors)    


Specialty Products

Portable Generators Gamewell - Fire Control Instruments  
Welding Plants Honeywell Products  
  Electric Motors 1 PH/ 3 PH Firetrace - Fire Suppression Systems  
  Halsey Taylor Water Coolers      

Export & Special Orders

We have in-house Customs capabilities to facilitate export to other Caribbean islands. TMR will source and supply non-inventory items upon request. Please contact our retail store.